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Google Maps Reseller and Google Maps Consultants

Google Maps platform has a very wide variety of API's and a rich data footprint to ensure that your mapping applications are well supported. 


Every map based application has its unique needs and requirements we are able to advise on the best combination of API's to use and possible costs as the user base increases. We also support your billing account and ensure your get value for your investment in the Google family of Mapping API's.

Currently Google Maps platform is divided into 3 categories namely;


This mainly features Maps and Street view . They help in building customized map experiences that bring the real world to your users. The API include; Static Maps API, Java Script API's, Street View API's and Map SDK's for Android and IOS.


These mainly features tools to support direction, distance matrix and roads. Routes Give your users the best way to get from A to Z. The API's include;  Directions API, Distance Matrix API and Roads API



These mainly feature tools to help in knowing where places are. How to find them, geo location and geo coding. Help users discover the world with rich details.The API's include Places API library, Places API,Geocoding API, Geolocation API,Time Zone API and Elevation API.

How do we assist you?

1. Our experienced team will ensure that we help you optimize Google Maps API services

2. We will help you manage your billing and budgets

3. Help you better administer your Google maps Console

4. General advice on all matters google maps API's

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