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Research And Data Collection

At JapakGIS we have a team of reputable and experienced team of researchers, data scientist and very reliable data collected, for your Monitoring and evaluation, baseline studies to discover insights and Impact monitoring.

We will assist your organization

1. Amplify your impact: Unleash the potential of participatory monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEAL) strategies across your projects. Engage stakeholders, foster collaboration, and achieve transformative results that truly make a difference.
2. Uncover insights, drive success: Harness the expertise of our end-to-end baseline studies and impact evaluations. Gain valuable insights into your initiatives, measure their effectiveness, and unlock the key to maximizing positive change.
3. Funding made easy: Raise funds effectively from evidence-seeking donors. Our proven methodologies help you articulate the impact of your work, showcasing measurable outcomes that inspire trust and attract financial support.

4. Listen with clarity, act with purpose: We have a wide range of modern data collection tools that will help collect qualitative and quantitative data. The data and insights will immerse you in the voices of the communities you serve, truly understand their needs, and make informed decisions that empower and uplift. Together, let's create a future where every community's voice is heard and valued.

We are all over Africa

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