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Level of research tools we build or customize

At JapakGIS we have been building and customizing real time data collection tools for years. In 2012, we pioneered the transmission of Kenyan election results in real time while working for the then ECK under Google. 


With the continued advances in mobile phone technology, we have continued to tailor our solutions to be more secure, user friendly and reliable (With or without GSM network). We have also continued to add different features like GPS positions of the enumerators and now the latest being adding voice to our data collection processes to ensure that we can capture all your constituents views regardless of the language and we can easily translate and transcribe in a way you can easily analyze and gain insight.


  1. Data Collection Questionnaires

We build or customize the widely used platforms to help you design your research questionnaire easily and able to dig deep to get the information and insights you need.Within the questionnaire you will be able to set rules, add limited options, use UPV cards, record the GPS position, photos, videos and even record voice audios for that language you need dont understand and get it translated later.


   2. The Devices and Applications

We ensure that the devices hosting the application are readily available. The application on the other hand is easy to install, train and not heavy on the phones or tablets. We also ensure that we record that digital record to verify that the authorized enumerator is sending us the data.


   3. Transmission and Storage

Once the data is collected it can be transmitted and stored in real time or the data can be collected but transmitted in a batch when connectivity allows. The data can be transmitted to various data silos at a time and while arranged and in a format easy to use. The Data is secure and encrypted to ensure that only the authorized users can have access to the raw data.


   4. The dashboards and visualization

We can then allow data to be viewed on reports, dashboards or infographic. Users can create filters to be able to show impacts or patterns. The data can also be repackaged for redistribution either in the form of API’s that we build or as data packs in a format they may be defined. But our best infographics or data visualizations we enjoy doing is building real time responsive web maps. The web maps are a powerful impact communication tool and we are able to build them and merge them with other forms of infor graphs to tell your full story.

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