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RTK - UAV (Drone Mapping and Imagery


Our RTK-UAV provide added value to numerous industries from Topographic survey, Engineering Survey, Precise Agriculture, Environmental protection and natural resource monitoring and Sustainable use. 

Our state of the art RTK - UAV's will achieve centimeter level accuracy and very high resolution imagery and 3D models.



Our UAV or drones as they are now commonly referred to, are becoming increasingly popular as remote sensing tools. The ability to collect many and highly-overlapping images with great resolution and real time correction with RTK has made it a must tool for any topographic survey. With advanced processing software,we are able to produce Orthophotos, Digital Terein models Model (DTM), High resolution 3D point clouds of a study area in just a few hours. The accuracy under 5 cm and very high resolution imagery than traditional LiDar dataset, makes it exceptional and affordable.



The time- and cost-saving benefits of collecting geospatial data by UAV are being realized by an increasing number of construction and engineering operations—Our UAV technology helps to monitor a site’s evolution, measure cut and fill volumes, inspect infrastructure or generate accurate 3D building models. To conducting precise pre- and as-built surveys, and inspecting crucial infrastructure, Our professional RTK - UAV's are being employed right across the industry.



Precision technology drove the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky using UAV will drive the next frontier, as agronomists, agricultural engineers and farmers turn to UAVs to gain better crop insights and more accurately plan and manage their operations. Our UAV and Softwares technology adds value throughout the growing season, from monitoring emergence right through to pre-harvest yield prediction and drainage planning for the next season. Plus many more  possible applications.



When it comes to natural resources sustained use, accurate geospatial data is key.

Our UAV intergrated with GNSS technology. With a single automated flight, our UAV can collect timely, georeferenced imagery that is quickly transformed into a precise 3D copy of your site. The 3D information is used to calculate volumes, rate of depletion or increase, site surveys and many more applications in mines, forestry and livestock management.

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